We have two Schemes, Defined Benefits (DB) Scheme, ‘old scheme’ and Defined Contributions (DC) Scheme, ‘new scheme’. The main purpose of the schemes is to provide cash benefit and pensions for permanent and pensionable employees of Kenya Pipeline Company upon retirement or withdrawal from employment as well as a relief for the dependents of the deceased employees. Efforts have been put in place by the Board of Trustees and the scheme‘s stake holders towards realization of this dream. The DB Scheme was established under an irrevocable trust declared from 1st January, 1977 and was closed to new entrants and accrual of benefits with effect from 30th June, 2006.

Upon the closure of the DB scheme, the DC Scheme was born and established under an irrevocable trust from 1st July 2006, which is its commencement date, and the governance of the scheme is vested on the Board of Trustees.