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Actuarial Valuation Report as at 30th June 2014

By:Pension Secretariat            2015-03-23

The findings of the valuation showed that the scheme has a surplus of KES 912.1 Million which is equivalent to 15.4%. The summary of the results are as follows: Summary Actuarial Valuation results KES in Billions Scheme assets (As in audited accounts) 6.806 Scheme accrued liabilities 5.897 Surplus 0.912 Funding level 115.4% Surplus % 15.4% The Retirement Benefits Regulations 2000 require all schemes in Kenya to satisfy a statutory minimum funding requirement of 100% of the Scheme’s accrued liabilities. The funding level disclosed at 115.4% is higher than the minimum funding requirement, implying that the scheme is compliant to the regulation. The detailed Actuarial Valuation Report is available at Pensions office for inspection by interested Members.

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